Thanks to constant research and development, we are now available to deliver our SF and SA models with NOx emissions lower than 60 mg/Nm3 with cold air and 80 mg/Nm3 with preheated air.
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I.C.E. Srl (International Combustion Equipment) is an Italian company born in 1983 specialized in industrial combustion.

Our supply covers the complete combustion system including instrumentation and control panels.

  • Gas, oil and combined (gas & oil) natural draught burners.
  • Gas, oil and combined (gas & oil) forced draught burners preheated air.
  • Radiant wall burners (premixed / forced draft).
  • Forced draft downfiring burners for reformers.
  • Special burners for incinerators (natural and forced draught).
  • Complete elevated flares packages for refinery gas, coke and biological gas (Derrick, self-supporting or guyed type flare risers design).
  • Ground flares for biological, coke and refinery gas (H2S included).
  • Complete water bath heaters, with instrumentation.
  • Liquid or gaseous streams incinerators.
  • Complete control panel board for the above specified equipment.
  • Fuel supply control skids.

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