Factory and Partner networks:

I.C.E. Srl own a small fabrication shop where special equipment (detailed engineering) are manufactured such as :

  • Flare tips
  • Pilot burners
  • Speciality refractories
  • Flame stabilizer
  • Ignition flame detection racks
  • Fuels supply skids

However, due to favourable location of company, very close to a plenty of steelwork prefabricator to which we have very close relationship, we are in condition to perform the all the fabrication activities. Also NDE can be performed according to customers’ requests / relevant specifications.

Constant updates on the production program is the basis to be constantly competitive.

Testing Facilities

Moreover, stringent regulations on pollutant emissions in flue gases made imperative to lower NOx and CO levels in burner performance. Following this principle ICE, which has to goal to produce state of the art combustion equipment, built its own burners test rig. Our company has at its disposal a test area placed aside its production facility, in city of Cremosano (CR). A broad range of burners can be tested, ranging from standard round flame to flat flame shapes, from gas only to multiple firing burners. Also radiant wall burners, special burners for incinerators burners and firing tube burners can be tested. A number of variables can be recorded during the tests such as:

  • Flame length and shape
  • Emissions (NOx, CO, CO2, O2 etc)
  • Temperature in combustion chamber
  • Noise levels
  • Flame stability at different draft and excess air

ICE is constantly improving its own equipment and a new furnace is under construction to complete a wide range of testing possibility.