I.C.E. International Combustion Equipment is a leader in providing tailor made solutions in the field of Industrial Combustion.

Born in 1983, I.C.E. is now a well established and renewed company all over the world. Former staff of our company grew up in the most specialized combustion company in the world. This now allows us to have all the characteristics of a technically precisely skilled company, but the smart flexibility of a small, friendly one.

Our passion for combustion led us to a continuous development of our technical capabilities, to reach a wider and wider range of offered products, starting from small round flame burners, up to the most complicated burners for ethylene cracking furnace, covering all required processes in refinery units.

Claus / SRU burners are also our core business and we can cover all the range, i.e. thermal reactor burners, tail gas incinerator burners and sub-stoichiometric burners.

We can complete our supply with a wide range of ancillary equipment and the most customized technical and after sales services.

All our products are engineered and manufactured according to National Regulations, international standard, EPC specifications and company internal standards, all meeting our experience, which made ICE one of the most reputed burner manufacturer.

The characteristics of the company, very small and flexible, permitted I.C.E. to be competitive against big names, making its best effort in order to demonstrate to be a trustful company able to stand contract requirements and delivery/quality deadlines.

We believe that our long reference list tells exactly the truth about our proven quality, but we are available to welcome you in our premises to show you our capabilities, thanks also to our test area, in continuous expansion, to let us cover all the testing necessities of both our customers and our internal designs.

ICE quality and combustion capabilities are well appreciated all over the world.

Here’s a map showing our worldwide presence, with some of the our most important and prestigious supplies highlighted.

Industrial fields and implants map

Ice participates in European Advanced Process Furnace Technology Seminar


Ice took part in “Iran Oil Show” in Teheran for the first time


First topsoe reformer project won


Prestigious 560 burners project in Iran awarded


First top fired reformer project won


TW test facility opens


SF-UL design implemented (<30 ppmv nox)


Ice becomes S.r.l.


SF low nox design implemented (>40 ppmv nox)


New shop test rig


Workshop in Cremosano was established


Test rig issued


ICE was established