We are I.C.E. Srl (International Combustion Equipment), an Italian company born in 1983 with the purpose to project, to construct, to deal and to consult in combustion equipment field. I.C.E. founder had a long experience in the combustion field and this experience has always been shared inside the company. I.C.E. name was therefore able to become solid in this field, especially in Refineries and Petrochemical sector.

Our core business are burners for all petrochemical and refineries and process applications, from small utility heaters to critical units such as DCU, vacuum and crude heaters, up to big reformer and olefin cracking units.

In the years, the limit of supply has been extended from the simple components (burner) to the complete combustion system including the instrumentation and control panels.

Our production line includes following items :

  • Combined process heaters burners
  • Reformer burners
  • “Terrace Wall” design
  • “Top fired” design
  • “Radiant wall” design
  • SRU/Claus burners
  • Special burners for incinerators (natural and forced draught)
  • Flares packages, derrick, self-supporting or guyed design
  • Ground flares for biological, coke and refinery gas (H2S included)
  • Indirect heaters
  • Liquid or gaseous streams incinerators
  • Complete control panel board the above specified equipment
  • Fuel skids

All above is designed according to our experience and to international standards, but our flexibility and engineering strength allow us to meet all clients specifications and build completed tailor made equipments.

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