SRU / Claus process burners

SRU / Claus processes are one of the most important/critical issues for installation and licensors. Starting for small, simple burners, now I.C.E. has the capability to design, realize and test burners for all involved unites. This is also confirmed by the increased number of I.C.E. supplies in this particular field. We also had the opportunity to install our burners in one Italian prestigious project, Tempa Rossa field, managed by Total. We consider this reference as being very important, as Total has very strict and severe specifications we succeeded in meeting.

However, not only Total recognizes I.C.E. capabilities in this particular item, but our name is well known by all companies dealing with Claus all over the world.

Designed for critical Claus processes with pressurized and highly sour environment, these burners are proven companions to your thermal reaction furnaces, tail gas incinerators and RGG units.

The fully customized design, together with extensive NDE controls / procedures, allows for safe designs of these lethal service equipments. We can also supply CFD studies, Asme stamp and PWHT, if required by codes / customers.

High intensity design for:

  • Claus furnaces burners
  • RGG burners
  • Incinerator burners

Raw design for incinerator burners with following NOx reduction technologies:

  • Fuel staging
  • Air staging

Pilot burners, fixed or retractable igniters are also available with I.C.E. or other OEM designs.

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Technical features


Design according to ASME code, temperature and pressure specified by customer or according to I.C.E. standards.

Refractory pre-installed at shop to avoid unnecessary site works.

Forced draft (thermal reactor / RGG burners) design.

Forced and natural draft (tail gas incinerator burners) designs available.

Long service life thanks to robust construction.

Variable connection schedule according to process needs:

  • Fuel gas
  • Acid gas
  • Tail gas
  • Vent streams

Large set of fuels available for operation. Large turn-down up to 8:1.
No premixing, no flash back risks. Available duties:

  • Up to 30 MW and more upon request

Required pressure drops:

  • < 0.03 bar air side
  • < 0.5 bar fuel gas side

Design excess air:

  • 80% stoichiometry up to 300% excess air at turn-down

Available accessories on request:

  • Flame monitoring systems
  • Ignition systems
  • Local control panels
  • BMS systems
  • Fuel skids