Former staff of I.C.E. comes from renewed companies in the industrial combustion field. The product developing in the years has grown in order to follow the new regulations which become a constant constrain for operators.

ICE staff is qualified and composed by trained engineers and technical people, able to develop the process engineering of equipment focusing on clients requirements and able to study and find also customized solutions to face any problem in client project. I.C.E.’s personnel is continuously trained and given opportunities to learn “on field” as well as by sharing of knowledge inside the company.

Our test rig is the ideal school for all our people: it allows to experience, by simulating occurrences in real applications. This also increases people’s capacity to design and figure future developments of our equipment. This ensure a “solid” practical oriented attitude, towards project challenges.

Here in I.C.E. we know that our biggest strength is made by our people and it’s by enriching their skills that we can expand ourselves.

Young people are welcome in I.C.E., trained and followed by senior engineers deeply aware of combustion matters.

Next to experienced people in the key positions (process, engineering, purchasing and commercial), I.C.E. likes sharing its knowledge to have a continuity in people working with us.