The quality level of I.C.E. production is guaranteed by the application of the petrochemical section regulations in force as well as the quality plans fixed by the engineering company our client and continuously implemented, aiming at complete customer satisfaction. Our continuous efforts in this field are also proven by increasing number of customers deciding to purchase ICE burners.

Raw material, critical works and burner parts are carefully designed, purchased, selected and assembled from reputed sub-suppliers and qualified companies, which are continuously monitored to guarantee top quality according not only to international standards, but also to our customer satisfaction. Customers selecting ICE as their preferred burner manufacturer rely on our capacity to combine high quality standards, extreme flexibility and careful design.

Thanks to ICE investment in quality assurance awareness and engagement, in 2017, one year before the deadline, ICE successfully passed to the new ISO 9001:2015 rule, thus ensuring to our customer the best in terms of quality, according to the state of the art.

ICE is well aware of the importance of quality and one of our target is increasing people involvement and awareness in quality matters. This is why we periodically share our quality issues with our people by means of quality sessions with our experienced advisors.

ISO 9001-2015 Certificate ICE QUALITY POLICY 2017