Technical Assistance

I.C.E after sales service is worldwide available and this all the year long and it is in a position to supply spares, to submit suggestions and to provide well trained specialists for intervention as well as on-site training to Customers’ personnel related to:

  • Tuning of furnaces / fired heaters / reformers
  • Flares
  • Incinerators
  • Burners and all relevant ancillaries.

We can also perform site visit prior to supply, to better understand customers’ need in revamping projects or to check burner operation and adjust if any trouble occurs. Our well trained personnel can meet any kind of request coming from the site, being also available to test existing equipment in our test rig, to detect any possible trouble and fix it.

Our company policy for customers’ satisfaction includes short waiting times in case of need, smart prices and high flexibility in proposed solutions, for a complete quality service at the right price.


I.C.E assures the availability of spare parts, either the original ones and components from commerce. In this last case, as spares for obsolete or out of production parts I.C.E. will alternately provide updated components perfectly fit for good functionality.

If some damage occurs during transportation, for example, ICE is ready to provide the damaged parts in a very short time and without extracosts, as our customers satisfaction is our main target in our business.

The long reference list we can show upon request, witnesses that our customers fully appreciate ICE for this continuous, friendly service.