Radiant burners

I.C.E. has added radiant wall design burners starting from early 2000, with a proven track list of successful installations, including some HTAS furnaces, even if not included in their approved supplier list yet. Process of approval has started and we consider this challenge as one of our major target for next  year.

We are capable to design burners with small mechanical impact, developing flower type flame, able to stand any of your applications ranging from EDC / Ethylene crackers to reformers.

Custom designed burners nozzles to prevent flashback at all loads and ensure smooth and stable combustion is available.

Stand alone refractory design with anchors and support saddles for easy heater fit in.

Raw or staged fuel design are available to meet stringent pollutant emission challenges. Recently, we are testing in our rig also liquid fuel radiant burners, which represents a big challenge due to the particularity of such firing conditions for those burners.

Different streams can be fired simultaneously, thanks to our capability of flexible tailor made design.

Big number of pieces is not a problem, we can deal several burners, due to our steelwork partners and our big network of refractory suppliers.

I.C.E. owns two testing facilities with all required ancillaries to ensure successful testing and client satisfaction.

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Technical features


Inspirator / mixer:

  • CS / LTCS / SS on request.


  • AISI 310/HK.

Body support / flanges:

  • CS / LTCS / SS on request.

Muffle block pre fired and self supporting.

Self inspirating with 4:1 turndown.

Forced draft with air preheated up to 400°C.

Special design for high H2 mixture-no flashback due to full external gas injection.

Up to three different fuels entrances to handle wide range of blends and mixtures.


Emissions ranges (self-inspirating version):

  • from 20 to 60 ppmV

Available released duty ranges:

  • ND: from 50 to 600 kW
  • FD: from 50 to 1200 kW

Typical excess air: 5 to 20%.

Even flame distribution over the full operation range.

Standard premix for normal operation / fuel staging for low NOx operation.


Cracking furnaces / reformers.

Any application with low furnace draft or where specific flame pattern is required.