Practical research and experience

The company owns a test area where burners are developed and technicians make experience. Thanks to this, in the years, a proprietary sizing procedure has been internally created and related software for burners (all process models for direct and indirect heaters), flare packages (elevated and ground) and other equipments.

During the years, our test rig has been continuously improved and enlarged and our main target of next years is increase the number of testing furnace, to allow us to not have limitations in testing. Our aim is being able to test also 2 burners simultaneously, such to give better evidence of their operation.

Digital and computational up-to-date tools

In order to comply to international standards and requirements of EPC contractors, we use also commercially available software for product sizing and developing such as Softbits Flaresim and others.

Our engineering capabilities allow us to grant process guarantees of all our products, being these fully internally designed, based on company know how. Owning a production facility and test area in continuous implementation and improving, we can dedicate our strengths to R&D, to offer to our Customers a product which is continuously tested and improved, according to the most updated technologies, also in terms of environmental issues.

If required by customers, ICE can also perform CFD modelling and studies, relying on the most updated computer aided programmes and well trained, specialized engineers.