Flat flame burners

Floor or Wall firing special burners

I.C.E. has a broad range of flat flame burners available to fit different process needs.

Floor red or sidewall red, we can’t different mechanical needs depending on licensor rebox design. Firing characteristics and heat flux (of capital importance in ethylene cracking furnaces and other special heaters) are customized according to designers needs.

Even wall covering, compact or long flame, dimension of expected flame, are parameters I.C.E. will take care, to fit requirements.

Burners are available natural or forced draft, with preheated air up to 450┬░C. Liquid firing at flame are also available.

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Technical features

Mechanical Construction Characterists


  • CS / LTCS / SS Nozzles;
  • AISI 310/HK Refractory;
  • 60 / 70 / 80 / 90% Al2O3 on request Piping;
  • As per API code / design requirements Air damper;
  • With single or multiblades
Process Data / Applications

Available duties:

  • 0.2 to 4.0 MW

Staged fuel / staged air design. Excess air:

  • 10% to 25%

Narrow, at flames along the wall, customized wall covering raw or staged fuel design according to pollutant emissions requirements.

Available dual fuel (liquid / gaseous).

Very high turn-down ratio (10:1 or in excess). For high temperature applications (reformers / cokers).