Boiler burners

I.C.E. designs and supply burners for boilers for steam generation in power plants, sugar factories and other industrial applications.

Able to deal with different fuels (from natural gas to sour gas up to liquid fuels), I.C.E. boiler burners represent the right solution for industrial steam production.

Liquid fuels are managed also with mechanical atomization, if no steam/compressed air available.

Along with burners, I.C.E. can supply the complete set of ignition and flame control devices, according to all reputed relevant standards / internal experience, as well as all ancillaries equipments.

We are able to deal with common windboxes design and relevant CFD evaluation, upon request.

Ancillaries as fuel gas skid and liquid fuel pumping stations can be supplied upon request.

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Technical features


Materials according to customers requirements, also depending on H2S presence and environmental constraints.

Dual fuel / single fuel design (liquid and gaseous).

Primary and secondary air registers with relevant actuators, if required.

Steam / compressed air / mechanical atomization of liquid fuels.

Ignition, flame control and ancillaries available.


Large set of fuels available for operation.

Large turn-down up to 10:1 or more.

Available duties:

  • 2-60 MW

Pressure drops:

  • Up to 1000 mm H2O

Low NOx emissions available with the following technologies:

  • Air staging
  • Fuel staging
  • Flue gas recirculation

Igniters available according to mfr standards, NFPA any class and liquid ring also.